Полный комплекс юридических услуг в Москве

Our company services

The First-Legal Company provides professional legal services in the following areas of expertise:

  • Business startup — Registration of LLC companies (OOO in Russia), joint-stock companies (OA in Russia), sole proprietors and other business entities.
  • Legal support (services) for corporate clients regardless of their legal form.
  • Legal Representation. Our lawyers will provide legal support for court proceedings in The Moscow Arbitration Court (Litigation and Dispute Resolution).
  • Legal assistance for consumer protection, family law, inheritance law.


Over the years, we have proven to be successful in providing support for legal entity registration. Our service of LLC company registration is in the highest client demand, being the best type of business entity in Russia.

According to the laws of the Russian Federation, in Moscow registration is carried out by the Inter‑district Inspectorate of the Federal Tax Service (MIFNS № 46). Due to large number of applicants, the process may take a lot more than 5 working days.  If you want your business entity registered fast and without delay, the company is ready to provide full range of Legal support services. Our employees will prepare your application documents.

The standard document package consists of:

  • Statement of Registration (form 11001).
  • Constitutional documents (The Company’s Memorandum of Incorporation).
  • Registration Application.
  • Application for the simplified taxation system (Optional).
  • Payment receipt.


Once all the documents have been collected, our employees will pass them for registration to the Federal Tax Service. After the procedure has been completed, you will receive documents that confirm your registration. Our clients are secure from various risks associated with registration refusals, such as a requirement to pay the fee of RUR 4,000 again if a refusal has been issued.

After your business has been registered, our lawyers will assist you in obtaining the necessary business permits and licenses, depending on your business type. Our services include — creating a branch (Representative) office in Russia, registering trademarks, security issuance and registration (for JSC companies).

Should you need to make amendments to articles of incorporation or the Uniform State Register of Legal Entities (USRLE), our employees will gather all the necessary data and file for the registration. If your business entity requires restructuring or liquidation, our company lawyers will assist in the process.


Our company is ready to provide full-time legal services, up to the client’s choice.


Comprehensive legal services to enterprises on a regular basis to address legal issues arising in the economic activity of the enterprise. You can choose the package of the legal service that best suits you and best meet your needs. The list of options include:

  • Verbal consulting.
  • Preparation and legal assistance in concluding contracts (legal acts).
  • Written legal reports on the analysis of particular provisions of domestic and foreign regulations and laws and legal situations.
  • Sole entrepreneur lawyer.
  • Developing incorporation documents.
  • Procedure for examining applications and registration of contracts.
  • Representation in court (personal discounts are available for this service).


We offer comprehensive legal services to enterprises on a regular basis to address legal issues arising in the economic activity of the enterprise and provide informational support and management with the access to the latest legislative database. Such approach enables to correspond swiftly to changes made by legislation, lower the risks and facilitate technology transformations that drive & support business success.


In addition to the legal services, we also provide Accounting services for enterprises in the following expertise:

  • Accounting reports with zero balances.
  • Calculations for payment of remuneration and taxation.
  • Accounting for asset recovery.


Sometimes issues occur when the disputes cannot be resolved out of court such as when the counterparty failed to ensure terms of the contract and meet its obligations, challenging transactions and recognition of property rights on land. For the efficient dispute resolution, litigation is essential.


If you need to file a lawsuit on the behalf of the company or opinion to suit, our team of experienced lawyers are ready to support you in the trial process. Our solicitors will provide legal support for court proceedings in The Moscow Arbitration Court.

According to the laws of the Russian Federation, the set documents are mandatory for filing a lawsuit in theMoscow Arbitration Court:

  • Names, postal addresses, telephone and fax numbers, and e-mail addresses of the parties.
  • Demands of the claimant.
  • A statement of the factual circumstances supporting the claim.
  • Substantiation of the claims with reference to applicable law.
  • Evidence confirming such circumstances.
  • Amount of the claim.
  • Calculation of the amount of each demand.
  • A list of documents attached to the statement of claim.


Our solicitors have developed a successful litigation strategy, equipped to work well for every client.


For individual clients the following services are available:

  • Consumer rights protection.
  • Depositors’ rights protection (Deposit Compensation Scheme).
  • Transport law regulations.
  • Labor law and employee protection.
  • Family law conduct.
  • Succession law and inheritance claims.
  • Land law and customary land ownership legislation.
  • Privatization.
  • Civil Litigation/Dispute Resolution (In any court, for individual clients).


If you are interested in our services please do not hesitate to call us on +7 499 755 88 95. E-mail: info@first-legal.ru.  You can request a call back by completing a form on our website. We’re always ready to make you an offer on applicable terms!



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